Less is More

 There is a reason Marie Kondo and her book and related Netflix series is so popular. We have been driven by marketing to consume more and more and more and more.  

Consumer credit card debt is over $2500 on average per person in the USA alone. Every year we look for 3-5%  growth in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) while the population is waning, only growing less than .6%. That means all of us need to spend more every year to maintain GDP, while at the same time the income inequality grows and the dollar buys less and less. That is a triple financial stress. We need a change. 

The simple solutions?

• Subject yourself to less advertising. Turn off the TV, avoid online shopping, and spend quality time enhancing your life and relationships. You will have a calmer mind, less impulse buying. 

• Buy less things, but better quality. Spend less time as the huge big-box stores and more time at local shops, enjoying quality time supporting regional small businesses.

• Less is more. A calm and balanced and spiritual mind needs less things. 

Marie Kondo is right, if an object sparks real joy, keep it. If not, let it go. Less is more and simplifying your life with a little less "stuff" is never a bad thing.  

#soberworldorg Less is More