Re-Thinking Alcohol


Let's simplify this 'Alcohol" thing. 

The chemical for All "Drinking alcohol whether it be  Beer, Wine, Vodka is varying levels the chemical Ethanol C2H6O. 

Per Wiki - Pure Ethanol is used as rocket fuel, a solvent to remove oils and waxes, it is found in paints, is is used as an antiseptic because it kills most everything biological. It is highly flammable, and the same chemical you read about at the local gas pump. 

It's the same chemical that we dilute and drink for mind numbing impact. It is a "central nervous system depressant, ethanol is one of the most commonly consumed psychoactive drugs". It is a cancerous chemical to humans, breast and colon cancers are very common. And it's addictive, driving dopamine receptors to crave more. 

Why? If someone suggested to you that you dilute rocket fuel you'd think they went crazy. We are, over 3 Million people poison themselves to death globally annually drinking dilute rocket fuel. That's crazy.

Believe what you want. The closer you look at the chemistry and make an honest assessment about what it does to you, we think the more motivated you will be to seek alternative beverages when out partying. There are some amazing 'mocktails' and ethanol reduced/free beers and wines you can have while having fun coherently. Water is great also, healthy and usually inexpensive. 

With alcohol it's simple, "Less is More" 

#soberworldorg  Changing Thinking about Drinking