Social Life with Intention

 "Social media is addictive. It's a means for us to feel socially connected with people. Online platforms create dopamine-driven feedback loops that compel us to stay on social media. Every time we post something and get positive engagement, we get a hit of dopamine that makes using social media appealing."  Source

Like consuming physical things, consuming digital things can be overwhelming and make for immense brain clutter. Our brains are not designed to ingest so much content, and it adds stress, anxiety and tensions. This excess also precludes a desire to self-medicate with neurotoxins like alcohol. We over stimulate then self-medicate. One bad thing leading to a worse thing, and we pay to do it.  

One easy way to start to cut back is to interrupt your thinking. Before clicking or engaging, as a simple question, something like "will this add value to my life"? Your time has value. An occasional cute puppy video is fine. binge watching Tuk-Tuk like silly videos for hours, has an opportunity cost along with being addictive. 

 A great way to mange your life, is to manage your life. Allocate specific time for social, family and more. Be sure to carve out quality time for what matters most. The internet won't care that you are making a mess of your life. Your family will. 

#soberworldorg Changing Thinking Changes Everything.